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Tourist Visa to the Russian Federation

What you need to do:

  1. Fill out the online Russian Visa application form on https://visa.kdmid.ru Please create a password (please don’t forget to write down the uniquely generated code for your Application and the password you created). This information will be needed to sign back into your application. · The last question (in the Application) asks: Where you will be applying for a visa? Your choice should be: Visa Application Center ILS (Washington). · If you are traveling with someone else you need to fill out a separate application for each person.
  2. Check your passport expiration date. The passport should be valid at least 6 months after the possible date of return from Russia back to the US. If you apply for the Multiple Entry Visa, it will be approved only until the date of expiration instead of the regular 3 years.
  3. After receiving your Passport Photo (needs to be regulation sized), please do not print it. The Passport Photo needs to be in electronic JPG format so it could be sent by email or stored on an SD card. If a physical appearance to our office is possible (walk-in), then we can do your Passport Photo free of charge.
  4. Naturalized US Citizen should provide a copy of Certificate of Naturalization
  5. If you were born in the former USSR you would also need to provide evidence that you don’t have Russian Citizenship. It could be your Birth Certificate, National Foreign Passport (even if it expired), a document that confirms your education in a foreign country, or any other documents (bills, proof of residence, etc.). · Russian citizens can’t get a visa to Russia. Russian citizens should use their Russian travel passports.
  6. For persons under 21 – a copy of the Birth Certificate and a copy of both parents/guardians Passports is required.
  7. Make an appointment with us (786)354-0715 (Mo-Fr, 11am-5pm ET)
  8. Make sure that you have all the above documents, as well as your Original Passport (not a copy) for getting a Visa, and a personal check or money order payable for ALLETTE LLC.
  9. If you can’t come to our office, you can mail us all these documents. We highly recommend using FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping and please make sure to check “No signature required”. All Passports are returned either by FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping for $45.00 (Needs to be added to your payment). Please Call for Saturday Delivery Quotes. You may also include a prepaid FedEx shipping label.


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Single entry — $378.00 valid on exact dates of visit up to 30 days to stay in Russia
Multiple entry — $578.00 valid on 3 years up to 6 months to stay in Russia (For US Citizens Only)

Finally, we are supposed to let you know that the Passport and Visa Center can’t guarantee you an issue of a Visa to the Russian Federation. The Passport and Visa Center doesn’t issue the Visa to Russia and is engaged only in preparation documents based on the information provided by you. The Consulate of the Russian Federation carries out the issue of the Visa and the solution on issue of visa is in competence of the Consul of Russia only. If by any chance you are refused a Russian Visa, all your documents and pre-payment will be returned to you except of consular and processing fees — $210.00

We wish you a happy and unforgettable trip to the one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Welcome to Russia.